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Enduro Jam 


Modelled on Maydena Tasmania's Enduro Jam, MRORCA bring this fun race format to Margaret River. Based on the well-known Enduro format, we've tweaked the Enduro rules to give it even more of a fun, family friendly party vibe.

Waiver will be available to sign after the 10th Jan.


Enduro Jam is an exciting and low-key mountain biking race format but rules apply, mostly to keep people safe. The most important rules to abide by include:

  • Golden Carrot stage will only be open to general field from 9am-10am. Paper trail will be closed to all riders until 10am (or until Golden Carrot is clear).

  • multiple stage attempts are permitted and your fastest stage time is used for your total course time.

  • you may attempt each stage as many times as you like. 

  • you must complete all stages in your category

  • the lowest overall time after completing every stage is deemed the winner

  • riders usually queue at the stage starting area with a marshal advising you when to race. 30 seconds is generally a suitable gap between competitors, but it is advised to check with the rider before and after you to ensure adequate time is left. 

  • the race director has the discretion to prohibit unsafe or unsuitable bikes.

  • you may switch bikes for the Whip-Off. Please reattach your Race plate.

  • if a rider behind you has given ample time and catch you on the stage, you must move aside.

    • if you want to overtake a rider, clearly and politely let the rider in front know – ‘rider when ready’ is a good approach

    • if you are being overtaken, move over immediately where it is safe to do so

    • please and thank you go a long way!


  • You will receive a raceplate, wrist band and a SIAC race Beacon (see below for details). Please return your SIAC when you have completed your race and your raceplate to the MRORCA tent.

  • Water bottle and/or Camelbak

  • Spare tube and tyre changing levers, pump and/or compressed air

  • Essential tools normally a multi-tool with allen keys and screw drivers

  • Your Australian Standard helmet and other highly recommended or mandatory racing equipment

  • Nutrition! Energy bars, gels or your normal go to snack during the race.


  • Australian Standard Helmet

  • Closed footwear

  • No singlets

  • No earphones

  • Auscycling Insurance (you cannot register without it) - there is a free 4 week trial available if required (see


  • Full-fingered gloves

  • Kneepads and elbowpads

  • Sunscreen

  • Protective eyewear

  • Long sleeve jersey 









We are utilising the WA Gravity Enduro system, which is the Enduro World Series timing standard Sportident Timing System.

During Race Village opening before the event briefing, please make yourself known at the Race Village Tenrt aka ‘Centre of Gravity (COG)’ to check-in, receive your raceplate and your timing wristband. These wristbands are your unique ID for the race and store your race data.

  • You must return your wristband within 15minutes of completing your race/course closure.

  • Additionally, failure to return a wristband, damaged or lost a wristband, you accept a charge based on their retail value of $120 + GST to be made payable within 10 working days.

  • Riders must assist injured competitors or seek help. Riders who assist can repeat the stage at the discretion of the marshal and race director.

  • Race Director reserves the right to halt or cancel the event in case of emergency, adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to postpone the race to another venue or time. MRORCA cannot be held responsible for any loss relating to a modified event.

  • we work with local authorities prior to the race to ensure a Risk Management Plan and Emergency Evacuation Plan. Please follow any instruction by authorized personnel.

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