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Membership and insurance


What are your options?

You can either purchase your mrorca membership rolled in with MTB insurance, or you can purchase a standalone mrorca membership. What’s the difference?

  • MRORCA Membership with Auscycling MTB Insurance: Auscycling is the peak body representing Cycling in Australia. In order to enter a race or to join in certain coaching sessions and events, you will generally require a membership with them. An Auscycling membership offers insurance cover for a range of cycling activities such as leisure cycling, racing or non-riding support crew.

  • Standalone MRORCA Membership: You will become a member of MRORCA and this membership does not include MTB insurance.

Which option is best suited to you?

If you are considering partaking in any events, races or visiting a private Mountain Bike park, you will be required to have an Auscycling Membership. Mountain Biking is a dangerous sport, and the level of insurance included with your Auscycling membership gives you peace of mind if things go wrong. 
You would choose a standalone MRORCA membership if you were not intending to have any involvement in events, races etc. If you choose this option, we strongly recommend that you check with your health insurance that you are covered for injuries and accidents while mountain biking.

What am I supporting as a member?

By becoming a MRORCA member you are directly contributing to the ongoing maintenance of over 40km of riding trails. Margaret River has quickly become a mountain bike mecca that caters to all riding levels and with careful consideration and planning, we continue to expand our riding network to meet the demand of the region's increased usage.

What do I get by becoming a supporter?

Apart from knowing you are supporting the community; you are directly helping keep these riding trails in the best condition. Depending on which package you select, you’ll also receive a range of exclusive discounts, merch and offers.


By joining MRORCA as a member you will:

  • Serve to help secure federal, state and local council land for future off road cycling use.

  • Help build and maintain all aspects of mountain bike trails, from downhill, enduro and cross country to easy riding trails suitable for the whole family.

  • Enable regular supervised club rides, open to members and visitors.

  • Purchase tools to help maintain and build the trails you ride, and be proud to show visiting and new riders.

  • Enable MRORCA committee members, who you will vote in, to represent you at trails and funding application seminars to assist in building our asset base.

  • Provide a club website, that, will allow members and visitors alike to communicate and be kept informed of all things related to the club.

  • Allow us to buy in to technology that will allow us to do business and communicate to all our members as news happens.

  • Ensure that Margaret River and surrounding districts will be able to preserve large areas of natural bushlands, that will remain undeveloped and free from logging due to the recreational, social and monetary benefits derived from them by not only the local community but the mountain bike community at large.


You will get access to some sweet local deals. Scroll down to have a look...

Amazing Deals for members

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Member Deals


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MRORCA Membership

WITHOUT insurance

Purchase your standalone MRORCA Membership here.

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MRORCA Membership

WITH Auscycling insurance

Follow this link to purchase your MRORCA Membership through the Auscycling portal.



This option is available for you to donate your preferred amount to MRORCA instead of purchasing a membership.

Pick your membership

MRORCA ONLY membership

No cycling insurance included

MRORCA only membership



Leave a one-time donation


Thank you for helping us keep MR bike trails top notch!


Drink more to ride more.

You can help MRORCA build more trails by collecting your 10c refund drink containers and dropping them off at either of these three locations. Our refund account number is C10465223.

  • Margaret River - 22 Kinsella Road

  • Dunsborough - 6 Clark Street

  • Cowaramup - 39 Miamup Road

We are up on the board in Margaret River.  

Containers that attract the 10c refund, include; Beer cans and stubbies, cool drink cans and bottles, juice boxes, flavoured milk cartons and water bottles.     
No wine, spirit or white milk containers are accepted.



What to expect when you register to volunteer with us?

Volunteering help is mostly needed around trail maintenance but there's so much more to bring the bike scene alive in Margaret River. Read on to see how you could get involved and get in touch anytime through our form or one of our members.

  • Trail Dig Day: Light duty trail maintenance with the team

  • Adopt a trail: Become the caretaker of your favourite trail for 12 months

  • Pitch in with event planning

  • Help write some grants

  • Got marketing skills to help promote events or fundraising activities

  • Pull out that camera, the more pics the better! We'd love to share them on the website or social media channels.

  • ... or pretty much any other way you want to contribute. Get in touch.


What are Dig Days?
Team dig days occur at least 4 times a year, usually for a few hours on a Sunday morning. We trim back overgrowth along the trails and attend to drainage in the winter months. Consider it a free light arm workout with some laughs along the way. 

What happens when you "adopt a trail"? 

We want people to take some ownership in the trails that we all ride and enjoy. You can select any trail and become its caretaker for a year which involves regular pruning, filling minor holes, keeping drainage areas clear and reporting any issues you might come across. We will offer maintenance training if needed and are always available to answer questions.


Want to keep riding these awesome trails?

Then simply come help however and whenever you can. We now have over 40 kms of trails to maintain as well as plenty of other stuff to do.

Register your interest to volunteer with us

Give us a hand & start making a difference

Recently volunteered?

Log your time in our quick online form to help us ...

Volunteer Log
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