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XCO state series
Coffee am ride

2021 WA State Championship XCO Race Course (A grade)

Starting from the trailhead at the top of Line Manager, this 7km, punchy lap takes in the hardest and most technical trails of compartment ten. Taking 20 min for elite riders and 30 min for everyone else, be prepared for a workout and make sure you've got your act together before committing down the rock gardens on the way down.

Wadandi - South Caters - Darch

Starting at Yahava KoffeeWorks on the Bussell Hwy, this 28 km loop takes in the Wadandi trail and the creek trails of South Carters. Heading back to town via Minnie Keenans and the Rotary Park, the loop then follows the riverside trails to connect with the Darch trail south back to Yahava.

Allow 2h.

Discovery ride

Classic Creek Loop

Starting at the Hairy Marron Bike Shop, this 15km loop takes in the Classic Creek trails of South Carters and then takes you south on the Wadandi trail and brings you back into town via the bike path on the north side of Wallcliffe Rd.

Allow 1h.

If so, we need you...

As we have many new trails coming up, we could use the support of any volunteers who are accustomed to use the Trailforks platform and add content to it.

Get in touch if you think that you could give us a hand.

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