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The Pines


Depart from




15km of

Single Track

2 hours

to fully explore

Beginner to



About The Pine trails

The Pines Mk 11 was built on the same principles, and many of the alignments that made the original so popular. The new designs are more modern and progressive, with no two trails  the same, and a scope that provides something for all levels and styles. The climbs are gentle and there are there are several different loops included within the circuit. Green and adaptive riders  can enjoy the wide open lines of the Autobahn, the speed hugging corners of The Angry Dolphin or the something in between of Trail 15. All the blue trails are easily accessible to Green riders as well. They can build up their pump and jump skills on Pumpty Dumpty, go natural on The mad Hatter, or try the more progressive Epilogue, or Uncle Toby. To enjoy a more old school trail experience, head for the Buffalo girls loop trail. Taking the optional entry down Marlin Brando  adds  extra spice to the last section. Unlike the original Pines there are black options available in the Pines Mk 11. 
Stumplestiltskin is fast with DH DNA and a raw Rooty finish, while Trail ? Is a tight and poppy blast through the Pines, and the Black Pearl is a true black jump line 
Although the slopes are small, the trails are engaging and diverse , and there is something here for everyone There is a good contrast to the existing compartment 10 trails, and when combined together, there are countless combinations available to keep repeat users entertained, or fill up a couple of days riding. So close to town, so accessible, and so much fun for all

Trail list

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